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Project Description
MockupDesigner is a .Net alternative to create your own application mockups.
This is a very simple tool to create mockups efficiently and fast.
It's developed in WPF.

Just run the Setup or the Clic Once and enjoy !



- Undo / Redo
- Controls Alignment
- Grouping Controls
- Create your own Toolboxes with the controls that you had grouped and/or customized
- Work with several documents, and copy/paste elements from one to an other
- Save your documents, export them as image or print them
- Adding metadata (description, rules, etc...) to the components and export them into a CSV file.
Example :
You have a button and a textbox.
You add the following Metadatas:
For the button:
- ID: MyButton1
- Description: My button description
For the textobx:
- ID: MyTextBox1
- Max Length: 150

The CSV exported will be:
ID;Description;Max Length
MyButton1;My button description;

Coming soon
- I'm currently thinking about developing an addIn for Visual Studio.

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